May 1932 EGYPTAIR is one of the world’s pioneer airlines. Established in May of 1932, it became the seventh carrier in the world

August 1933 EGYPTAIR commenced commercial operations with the Spartan Cruiser flying from Cairo to Alexandria

1935 A total of 12 De Havilland were added to the fleet. During the Second World War, the Egyptian government took over the airline and changed its name to Misr Airlines

1946 The name Misr Airlines was changed to MisrAir and 10 Beechcraft were purchased adding American technology to the fleet

1949 MisrAir bought 10 Vickers Vikings and the following year put into service a French Aircraft, the Languedoc

1960 MisrAir merged with Syrian Airlines forming a new identity “United Arab Airlines-UAA”

1960 UAA enhanced the fleet with Comet 4-c jets becoming the first carrier in the Middle East to use these jets

1968 UAA introduced the Boeing 707-320c to manage growing international traffic and operate longer routes

1969 UAA became the first airline in the Middle East to fly Boeing 707s.

1971 MisrAir and Syrian Airlines split which resulted in the new identity “EGYPTAIR”

July 2002 By the Presidential Decree number 137/2002, EGYPTAIR became a Holding Company with seven subsidiaries

July 2008 On July 17th 2008, EGYPTAIR joined the Star Alliance network, the largest airline alliance in the world, to offer its customers better flight connections and more comfortable travel. EGYPTAIR’s membership to the Star Alliance network is unique in that it is the only airline that is based in North Africa and Middle East that is part of the network.